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We have prepared this space to bring news to you, who love the Super Pads universe. Here, you will find important info regarding the updates on the app, curiosities about our daily stuff and incredible things that we stumble upon out there..

This first post will be an introduction to our world: So grab your cup of coffee (or your coke can) and come with us!

We launched Super Pads in February 2017, and in less than 3 months we had already got to the top position in the music related games in over 50 countries! YAY!

Talking like that, it seems easy working with apps, but this isn’t true. The 1.0 version of the app only had one sound kit. Then we started to make a kit a week available for download, and now we make one kit a day – we have over 120 kits! 😉

In the beggining, Super Pads used to be one guy, who programmed the app and started making the kits himself. Now, we already have over 10 people working hard everyday to bring you new functions and record sounds. It is a heck of a growth, taking in consideration that only 6 months have passed. And, in this short period of time, our youtube channel; where we post all the tutorials; has already reached the mark of 700 thousand subscribers.

But, how did we get this far? With you, because of you. All this success only exists because you downloaded our app and became part of our history.

This is why we carefully take notes every time you all send us a suggestion to a song on our social networks, or when you ask us to improve a given function on the app. Our work only makes sense if we have you, Superpadders.

So, this is a channel for us to make you guys aware of what is going on around here. We will bring more news soon! 😉


The Super Pads Team.


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