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This is a doubt amongst many new users. What happens is that Super Pads does not “cut” the songs in many parts. Each kit launched is inspired in a famous song, but we record each sound in our own studio. It is not possible to use sounds and voices of famous artists, this goes against copyright laws.

So, every time a Supepadder sends us a suggestion to a song on the social network, we list it. The more it gets requested, the higher it gets in the ranking of “to do’s”. We start producing the kits inspired in the songs that are most requested by you superpadders.

Everyday we release a kit based on these requests. For this, we create all the sounds using real music instruments and editing softwares used by DJs, such as the FL Studio. After the sounds are ready, we record and edit the tutorials, so that it can be put on the app. This is a daily routine, even on weekends.

So, if you cannot play your favourite song yet, don’t be sad! Make your request through our social networks and keep your fingers crossed so that other people request that same song. If it gets up in the ranking, we will make a kit of it for sure.

And don’t forget to share your performances using the hashtag #superpads, we are always watching! ­čśë


The Super Pads Team