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If you are a frequent Super Pads user, or in other words, a true super padder, you must have already made a request for a kit of your favourite song. Wanna know what we do with it? We add It to our ‘suggestion list’

Every request that comes through social networks, emails or Playstore and Appstore reviews are included on this list. Its a pity that sometimes we might not see all the requests, because there are so many players! But everytime we say that it’s been checked, that it’s been put on the list, everytime we thank you for the suggestion, give It a like, or any interaction of the sort; believe us, It is on the list! 😉

Everyday this list changes, for it receives many new requests by the hour. So, we check which songs are on the top of the list daily, and then we start recording It! (Everyday, even Sundays!)

We really hear you guys out, and try to get to as many requests as we can! We believe that you, superpadders, are the main part of it all. Because without you, waking up early to record kits wouldn’t make any sense!

So, don’t feel bummed out If your requested kit is taking long to be released. Know that there are many people working really hard to attend all player’s wishes, like yours!

We are hoping to soon create a channel to centralize all the suggestions for kits, but in the meantime you may make your request through our social networks:


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