Alan Walker

Before turning 20 years old, Alan Walker has already surpassed the 1 billion views mark on youtube with his song FADED.

The DJ and music producer has taught himself music, watching tutorials on the internet. He produced all his songs on his laptop using the FL Studio software. In 2012 he started posting them on youtube and soundcloud.

Originally, FADED used to be an instrumental track called ‘FADE’. In the new version, the DJ added the voice of the singer Iselin Solheim, and renamed the song as Faded – which not only has hit over a billion views on youtube, but also 50 million clicks on spotify and 20 million streams on soundcloud.

How to Play

Here is tutorial. He will show you step by step instructions about how to play Faded (Alan Walker) with KIT SCREAM sound pack. Download Super Pads with KIT SCREAM sound pack here: